Peter of PSquare ridiculed after failed attempt to mock Tinubu

Peter Okoye, one of the PSquare signing twins, has attracted a groundswell of ridicule on Twitter following his attempted mockery of presidential candidate Bola Tinubu.

Tinubu had said in his remark at the commissioning of the Kolmani Integrated Development Project of Oil Prospecting Licenses (OPLs) 809 and 810 in Bauchi State that he would “recharge the Lake Chad”, if elected president.

Ignorant of what the candidate meant, Peter Okoye derisively tweeted, “Recharge Lake Chad. I have given up”, in reference to Tinubu’s comment.

The singer ironically didn’t know the joke was on him, spurring a backlash from supporters of the All Progressives Congress candidate.

Some of the commentators described the singer, who is a supporter of Labour Party candidate Peter Obi, as poorly educated. Some had reminded him how he found wealth and success in Lagos, where Tinubu had been a two-term governor.

Others uncharitable commentators yet said Peter Okoye’s singing career had become lusterless.

In one of his responses, Peter said, “For those saying “Your Career” dis and dat! NOTE: We no longer have a career! We’ve gone beyond that level! We are now Legendry and Iconic!📌 And still selling out Stadiums and Arenas around the Globe! All na Grace😇”

See Peter’s tweets below:

Peter Okoye’s tweet

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