‘Journalist’ faces six months imprisonment for defrauding ‘pure water’ seller

A 41-year-old man who parades himself as a journalist has landed in soup as he faces a six-month jail.

Pious Griffiths Koranteng, a Ghanaian, reportedly met a lady, Rebecca Aboagye, who hawks sachet water for a living.

He was said to have proposed marriage to the lady, but she declined.

Not minding his rejection, Koranteng persisted and called daily at the lady’s home.

On a particular day, Korateng visited Aboagye and told her his employers at a radio station were about to sack him.

He pleaded the lady offer him a loan of GH¢1,800.00 (N114,754.02 in naira) to offset his debt to the company and to protect his job.

Moved by pity, Aboagye loaned Korateng half the amount requested. But, Korateng would never set foot on Aboagye after collecting the money.

According to a report seen by TheCornet, Aboagye got Korateng arrested, and subsequently arraigned before the Sefwi-Wiawso Magistrate Court.

The Prosecutor said he was arrested on February 10, 2022, while carrying an ID card bearing he was an investigative journalist.

The court then fined him GH¢1,200 (N76, 503.18) or, in default, he should serve six months imprisonment in hard labour.

Source: MG

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