Suspect who evaded FBI for 16 years finally arrested

A suspect who evaded the FBI for 16 years has finally been arrested.

Octaviano Juarez-Corro, 48, was on the FBI’s ten  Most Wanted Fugitives list until his arrest.

He was declared wanted for killing two people in a 2006 shooting spree. Juarez-Corro was captured in Mexico, the FBI announced Friday.

According to the FBI, Juarez-Corro and his estranged wife had an argument over his presence at a holiday picnic on Lake Michigan, where he insisted on seeing their 3-year-old daughter.

Following their altercation, Juarez-Corro allegedly pulled  a gun and shot his wife and four other people after she demanded that he leave.
His wife survived two gunshots to the chest, but two other people were killed and two more were injured, the FBI said.


An arrest warrant was issued June 1, 2006.

The FBI reported that Juarez-Corro was detained in Mexico.

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