11, 315 women raped, 900 others murdered in South Africa

South Africa has presented grim statistics about murders and assaults of women and children.

The figures show that over 900 women and 352 children were murdered from October to December 2021.

The data were part of what the South African police authorities presented to the Portfolio Committee on Police on Friday morning.

Aside, there were 1 240 attempted murders of women, as well as 15 692 assaults against women with intent to do grievous bodily harm.

Also during the period, 352 children – up to the age of 17 – were murdered, while 394 were victims of attempted murder and 2 048 were victims of assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm.

The data appears grislier than that recorded between July and September of the same year, in which 897 women and 287 children were murdered.

TheCornet gathered South Africa also witnessed 11 315 rape cases in the last quarter of last year.

“I really think that is appalling”

“Women and children still remain incredibly vulnerable,” said Munzoor Shaik-Emam, a member of South African parliament.


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