Drug addict kills own parents, grandmother, burns their corpses

A son from hell has murdered his parents and grandmother and burnt their corpses. The 24-year-old Indian, identified as Udit Bhoi, killed his family after his father refused him the money he requested.

Local news media claim Udit carried out the grisly murder while his victims were sleeping. He allegedly struck his father’s head with a stick before attacking his mother. He equally killed his grandmother who suddenly woke up due to the commotion. The suspect then kept their bodies in the bathroom of the house.

By the next day, he decided to set the corpses alight in the backyard of the house.

Udit would later go to the police to tell them the victims had gone missing, since May 12. Udit’s younger brother, who was studying away from home, became suspicious. He returned home and while fishing for a clue located bloodstains and human bones.

The brother was so concerned about his discoveries that he decided to inform the police. A police search confirmed the brother’s claim, leading to tUdit’s arrest.

The suspect confessed to the crime.

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