Girl for surgery after mistress injured her Oesophagus

10-year-old Ifunanya, whose mistress forced hot water down her throat and had her Oesophagus injured, has been scheduled for a surgery.

According to the story, Esther Orjiugo Zazi Kelechi David, who Ifunaya was serving as a housemaid, forced hot water down her throat. The inhuman act was Ifunaya’s punishment for breaking a plate.

Medical examinations reportedly showed that the teenager suffers Oesophageal and Pyloric Stenosis, suggesting it would be difficult for food to go through her gullet.


The teenager’s surgery is at the expense of the Abia State Government.

Abia First Lady, Nkechi Ikpeazu, has reportedly arranged to have the teenager treated in Abuja, Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory.

Chika Ojiegbe, Abia governor’s chief press secretary, said “investigations” showed that “the young girl was serially abused and brutalized by Mrs Esther Zazi David”.

He added that the maltreatments left Ifunaya with “many injuries including a broken collar-bone, which was sustained when her mistress allegedly threw her down on the ground and viciously stepped on her neck, shoulder, and chest”.

Meanwhile, Ifunaya’s mistress appeared in court on Tuesday, where her counsel asked for her bail.

Ifunaya’s mistress, David

“Director of public prosecutions, Abia State Mrs. Ngozi Obioma appeared for the prosecution while Barr. Chilaka Anyanwu appeared for the defendant, Mrs. Esther Zazi David.

After submissions and arguments for and against bail by both sides, Justice KCJ Okereke adjourned sitting to September 30th 2021 for ruling on the bail application,” said Ojiegbe.

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