Drug addict kills own family members

A drug addict has allegedly killed his entire family days after returning from a rehabilitation centre.

The 25-years-ole suspect, identified only as Keshav, stabbed his parents, sister, and grandmother to death after a fight in their home in Delhi, India.

Keshav was arrested after the bodies were found last night at their house in Palam in southwest Delhi, with blood all over.

He apparently used a sharp object to slit their throats and stabbed them multiple times, the police said, sharing horrific details.

The bloodied bodies of Keshav’s grandmother Deewana Devi, 75, father Dinesh, 50, mother Darshana, and sister Urvashi, 18, were all found in separate rooms.

The bodies of his parents were found in the bathroom and those of his sister and grandmother were in other rooms.

Keshav had quit a job in Gurgaon a month ago and had been unemployed since Diwali, said the police. He was under the influence of drugs when he allegedly committed the murders.

Screams from the house around 10.30 pm alerted neighbours and relatives in the same building. They called the police.

Keshav was in the house, apparently making an escape plan, when relatives caught him and turned him in.

The police arrived to find the bodies.



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