Husband shoots wife for refusing to give him money for alcohol

A 46-year-old has reportedly shot his wife for refusing to give him money to buy alcohol.

The Ghanaian farmer, Assin Bepokokoo, demanded of his wife, Victoria, ¢2, which she could not provide him.

He left his home probably to hunt snail, as he had earlier asked his wife for a torchlight to go on the expedition.

Assin returned later at night on Easter Sunday and restated his request for the money.

But, when the wife could not still give him what he wanted, Assin aimed his gun at her neck.

The bullets missed Victoria’s neck, but hit her two palms.

Seeing what he had done, Assin fled their home and has not been seen since then.

Victoria was later taken to a hospital, where she is currently receiving treatment.

The police said a manhunt has been set for the Assin.


Source: Adom News

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