Disgracing congregant unintentional, spur of the moment – Pastor Eneche

A Nigerian pastor Paul Eneche has said that his degrading treatment to a congregant, Miss Anyim Veronica, during a testimony sharing session at his Dunamis International Gospel Center, in Abuja, was “unintended”.

“It must be pointed out clearly here that embarrassing the testifier publicly with the attendant media frenzy was never intended; whatever happened was under the spur of the moment,” the church wrote in a public statement it issued.

Pastor Eneche got angry when the testimony sharer, one Miss Anyim Veronica, erroneously said that she was awarded a Bachelor of Science (BSc.) in Law.

The appropriate academic award for law is instead a Bachelor of Law (BLL).

Veronica repeated the claim as Eneche persistently questioned her claim. Believing Veronica was telling a lie, the pastor angrily ordered her to demount before the large crowd of worshippers and cameramen, a scenario that later drew a public backlash against the pastor.

Veronica would later authenticate her claims on her Facebook page, blaming her gaffe on her inability to communicate properly in English Language.

Both Pastor Eneche and Veronica are said to have made up.

The church said, “While we remain resolute in our passion for excellence, intolerance of mediocrity and falsehood, we wish to reiterate the fact that no harm or hurt was ever intended by the Senior Pastor against Ms. Anyim Veronica. The Senior Pastor feels deeply concerned and had already reached out to her.

“As a commission, we regret every inconvenience, hurt, and embarrassment this unfortunate scenario has caused to Ms Anyim Veronica Nnenna. We remain committed to her physical welfare as well as her spiritual growth. God bless us all.”

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