Tinubu’s expectations from consumer agencies – Ngalale

Ajuri Ngalale, special adviser on media to President Bola Tinubu, has urged consumer protection agencies to ensure that prices of goods reflect the reducing Dollar to Naira exchange rates.

Ngalae explained this to be the result of “the President’s multi-faceted approach to ridding the nation’s foreign exchange market of malign actors and sharp practices.”

Ngalale however stressed that it was not yet eureka. “There is still much work to be done and this is not a time for celebration,” he said.

“It is a time for doubling down and working harder to ensure that inflation is sustainably brought down in short order and that consumer protecting regulatory agencies step up enforcement to ensure that our people are not short-changed by enterprises that fail to reflect the prevailing exchange rates on the pricing of goods and services across the board,” Ngalale had reportedly said.

Nigeria’s currency, the Naira, has face some upheavals as it became weaker against major foreign curries, particularly the dollar. The Naira has somewhat made a rebound due to the streaks of monetary policy interventions by the Central Bank of Nigeria, (CBN).

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