Travellers not held hostage during Kaduna bandits attack – official

An official of Kaduna Airport, Amina Salami, has debunked the claim that travellers were held hostage during the bandits attack that took place on Saturday.

The Cornet reports that some armed men stormed and shot sporadically into the airport runway, causing travellers and staff to scamper to safety.

Amina Salami, the airport manager, reportedly said the gunmen fired shots into the runway from the fence area.

“The Azman flight had long taken off at the time the bandits started shooting. In fact, the Azman flight may have forgotten that they came to Kaduna at the time,” she said.

“It wasn’t clear whether they wanted to come into the airport, but they shot a security guard on runway 05. Unfortunately, on their way to the hospital, he died.

“I don’t know whether they wanted to come to the airport. Unfortunately, they shot at the runway and the bullet hit the security guard on the head.

“But the two flights we had had taken off. There are military personnel in the airport and they gave it to the terrorists.

“They seized some of their motorcycles. The military succeeded in chasing them away.”

Source: TheCable



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