Abba Kyari likely to be extradited – Malami

Abubarkar Malami, Nigeria’s Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, has hinted on likely extradition of disgraced police officer Abba Kyari.

United States investigators had revealed Kyari’s connivance with internet fraudster Ramon Abbas in a $1.1 million fraud.

Abass on his part is due for sentencing in June.

Malami, during a television programme Politics Today, said Nigeria and the US were cooperating on the matter.

“The position now is that there are prima facie grounds – reasonable grounds for suspicion that have been considered from the perspective of prosecution, from the perspective of likely extradition, if the need for so doing arises,” he said.

“It is an issue that has both national and international dimensions and in respect of the two, actions are being taken; it is a work in progress locally and internationally and we are doing whatever it takes to ensure justice is done within the context of the law, regardless of the personalities involved.”

A Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI) prosecutor had alleged two different transactions took place between Kyari and Abbas.

It was said that Abbas paid Kyari to have his accomplice Vincent Chibuzo arrested.

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