Single mother lets 50-year-old lover rape, impregnate her daughter

A mother from hell has let her lover rape her underaged daughter and have a child by him.

The minor had her baby at home with her mother playing the role of a midwife.

The incident came to light after the baby fell sick and had to be taken to a primary health centre.

The 38-year-old woman worked as a daily wage labourer and her daughter was studying in Class 11, reported The Times of India.

The woman was having an affair with a 50-year-old man, who, upon seeing the girl, had told her mother that he wanted to marry the child.

Over a period of time, he raped the minor girl and the mother was also aware of this.

When the girl became pregnant, the mother discontinued her schooling and married her off to her lover.

To ensure her neighbours did not get suspicious, she kept the girl inside her home.

An officer investigating the case said that, “On May 1, the girl complained of labour pains, and the mother delivered the baby in their bathroom.”

The incident was discovered when the baby fell sick and had to be taken to the primary health centre. The staff there asked for the child’s birth record and about the mother of the infant.

When the woman submitted her Aadhaar card, the staff discovered the age of the child and informed the Child Welfare Committee.

Police have arrested the man and woman




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