FAJ Debuts Uncensored Weekly Radio Talk Show

Veteran journalist, Femi Akintunde-Johnson, will Saturday begin a talk show, christened Vintage Talk Show with FAJ, on Top Radio 90.9 FM.

The multi-segmented, two-hour interactive show would center on topical issues including governance, entertainment, youths, sports, technology, arts, and other social issues.

Created to be interactive, based on live and recorded interviews, the show will feature segments such as Talking Point, Counterpoint, Global Trends, How Not To Critique, Life Matters, Let’s Rewind, Top Headline Reviews, The Greats, and  Ask The FAJ.

A statement by FAJ’s representative on Monday states that “listeners dealing with life issues and victims of abuse can tune in to Life Matters, while others will satiate their nostalgia with revelations on the whereabouts of their long-unseen stars in The Greats, among other juicy presentations.”

“The Vintage Talk Show with FAJ – an exciting, informative, attention-gripping radio show airs Saturdays, from 7 – 9 am WAT.

“As a phone-in show, it promises listeners animated, breezy presentation, live interviews on poignant topical issues including governance, entertainment, youths, sports, technology, arts, and other social issues.

“‘Vintage Talk Show with FAJ’ aims to capture varied attention and will be engaging listeners simultaneously on social media platforms, with banter laced with music and humour.

“Listeners can call in on the studio line, +234 809 670 2550 or send Whatsapp messages to +234 810 713 7559. You can also use #VintageFAJ on Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Facebook. To listen online, download TopRadio mobile app on any App Stores., and on Radio Garden,” according to the statement.



Femi Akintunde-Johnson, popularly called FAJ, enlisted his name in the Nigerian media industry with forays in editing entertainment pages of The Punch newspapers, and defunct Climax magazine between 1988 and 1991. He quickly rose to become Editor and/or Editor-in-Chief of Climax, FAME, National Encomium, New Treasure and Treasure People & Life, consecutively between 1991 and 2015 (the latter four he also co-founded).

A prolific and engaging writer and public commentator, Akintunde-Johnson is also credited as the mastermind behind the establishment of four of Nigeria’s best-known awards of the 90s: Fame Music Awards (FMA), The Movie Awards (THEMA), The REEL Awards and Awards for Musical Excellence in Nigeria (AMEN).

 Akintunde-Johnson, a graduate of English from the University of Jos, lectures at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism; leads a communication training initiative called Basic Skills Academy (BSA); and he is also a columnist with ThisDay Newspapers. Seven books of diverse genres bear his name, published between 2011 and 2021 on Amazon and sundry publishing platforms.

For enquiries, send an email to vintagefaj@gmail.com

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