Boy, 9, champions reading culture, donates 100 books

At nine years old, Osaivbie Izedonmwen, is a champion for the revival of our fast disappearing book reading culture.

Not only does he understand the importance of reading, he consumes books voraciously, too.

This year alone, Osaivbie has set a target to read 200 books! The young bookish is not just devouring the prints, he also reviews each book on his Instagram page, “Read with Us”.

In doing so, Osaivbie inspires, enlightens, and encourages other kids to do likewise. He is doing this along with his 12-year-old elder brother, Oghosa. To them, digital technologies, especially smartphones and laptops, are making books less admirable to the young ones.

Dogged in his crusade, the Grade four pupil, Osaivbie, decided he would donate books and toys to his peers. He chose to do this on Easter Sunday. Together with his dependable supporter –of course, Oghosa– Osaivbie visited their cousin’s church.

At the church, the brothers donated over 100 books to kids and, at the same time,  advised them to invest more of their time in reading.

“This is my message, my passion, and I hope to donate books yearly,” Osaivbie said at the presentation.

Osaivbie and his brother, Oghosa donating books on Easter Sunday
Osaivbie speaking to the young ones and parents about book reading






Osaivbie’s struck an affection for reading at age three. Six years after, he is unrelenting in his bookworm adventure.

“I really like reading. It is exciting. It is like watching a movie in your head, but your imagination is limitless,” he said.

Osaivbie says that he hopes to receive book donations, which he in turn plans to donate to other kids, especially indigent ones who cannot afford to buy for themselves.

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