I won’t help a dying police officer if I see one, says citizen Kelvin Odanz

A Nigerian man, Kelvin Odanz, has expressed his rabid hatred for the Nigeria Police Force. Odanz, a public commentator and avid twitter user, said he would not give help even if he comes across a dying police officer.

He stated pointedly in his tweet that he hates the entire police force and, specifically, Ben Hundeyin, a superintendent who speaks for the Lagos police command.

Hundeyin, spokesperson for Lagos Police Command

“If I see a policeman dying by the roadside and needing help, God in heaven knows I will not help. I will jump and pass. I hate you guys. All of you Nigerian policemen. My experience with you guys have left me very bitter. Even you Mr. Ben, I hate you. You guys irritate me,” Odanz tweeted to his 109,000 followers.

In his follow-up tweets, Odanz lamented police cruelty and indiscriminate arrest of innocent citizens as the reason for his grouse against the police.

In a particular tweet, Odanz said that “9 (nine) out of 10 Nigerians who have had an encounter with Nigerian policemen had a terrible experience. Most Nigerian policemen are evil…”

Responding to Odanz declared hatred for the police, Hundeyin said, “This post is heartbreaking.” The twitter savvy police officer noted how other users cheered on Odanz for his tweet. “The cheering in the comment section is more heartbreaking,” Hundeyin tweeted.

The Twitter engagement began with Hundeyin ranting about the lack of public empathy for an injured police officer knocked off by a hit-and-run driver.

Hundeyin opines there would have been an uproar, if the hit-and-run was a police van.

“Flip this, let it be a police van involved in hit and run and watch the retweets increase exponentially. Same way the many daily good deeds of the police are shunned, giving the false impression it’s all about negativity and mediocrity,” Hundeyin said.

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