93-year-old man loses prized 72-year-old bicycle to thief

A 93-year-old man is saddened by the theft of his 70-year-old bicycle, which was gifted him in 1950.

Neville Vimpany, 93, told a news organization that the thief snatched his bicycle at an ATM point.

He said his parents bought him the Raleigh Western Flyer bike in 1950 for his 21st birthday, and that for 72 years he rode it with pride.

“I did not think for one second [that] to draw a R100 from an ATM I would lose my bike.

“I am very bitter, and I feel silly that I put in out of sight.”

Asked what he would say to the thief if he found him, Vimpany said: “I would say give me my bike back, you thief.”

His sons, Richard and Chris, have offered rewards for the return of their father’s bicycle.

One of them, Chris said their father  felt upset God had let him down.

“He always prays for the protection of himself and his bicycle. I think he is just really sad.”

The police in Vimpany said they had received a report of stolen bicycle and are investigating the matter.


Source: News24



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