How Gani Fawehinmi’s Son, Mohammed Died

Mohammed Fawehinmi, the scion of the late human rights lawyer Gani Fawehinmi has died after a brief illness. He was aged 52 years. The younger Fawehinmi died 12 years after his father, Gani lost his life to protracted lung cancer on September 5, 2009.

Mohammed died Wednesday in Lagos. The news of his death was yet to be broken to his mother, a family source reportedly told ThePUNCH.

“We are trying our best not to let his mother hear about the death yet because it may worsen her sickness.”

The deceased, also a lawyer, held a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Lagos, in 1991.

He later bagged an LLB from the University of Buckingham, England and called to the Nigerian Bar in 1998.

Mohammed had a motor accident, leading to he breaking his spinal cord. He was consequently confined to a wheelchair.

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