Aisha Buhari backs Islamic cleric’s call for public execution

Aisha Buhari, Nigeria’s first lady, has supported the call for execution of Abdulmalik Tanko, proprietor of Noble Kids Academy in Kawaji, Nasarawa Local Government Area of Kano state.

The First Lady’s call followed the comment a cleric made in a video, calling for Tanko’s execution.

Malam Abdallah Gadon Kaya, a Kano-based cleric, in the video, said, “His (Tanko’s) life is not more than this girl’s life; the way he took her life, his life should be taken also and let it be done publicly so that another person wouldn’t repeat such.”

In response to the cleric’s call, Aisha Buhari stated: “We are behind Mallam’s stance.”

Tanko, proprietor of the school, has confessed to killing a female pupil in his school.

He had staged the kidnap of the pupil and demanded six million naira (N6million) from her parents for her release. The parents paid part of the ransom, but still Tanko killed the pupil, known as Hanifa, using a rat poison.

Security operatives nabbed the suspects while he was trying to get the balance of the ransom.

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