Why I divorced my first husband, killed second – woman

A woman suspected to be a misogamist has killed her second husband, whom she married after divorcing the first one.

A misogamist is a hater of marriage.

According to the suspect – Fatima Abubakar, she committed the crime because she was averse to her being married.

“Anytime I wake up with the fact that I am married, it pisses me off. At some point, I had to run to my parents to demand an end to the marriage, but they always sent me back, asking me to be patient,” Fatima said.

She added that “at some point, two months after I gave birth to my child, I ran away and slept in an uncompleted building for about two weeks. I later returned to my husband’s house.”

The Borno Police Command said that they rescued Fatima from a mob baying for her blood, after they became aware she had murdered her husband.

Fatima, the police said, killed her husband, Goni Abbah with a poison.

The Borno State Police Command said it arrested a housewife, Fatima Abubakar, 25, for allegedly killing her husband, Goni Abbah, through food poisoning.

The state Commissioner of Police, Mr Abdu Umar said that Fatima was arrested on October 19 at the Anguwan Doki area of the state.

Umar said that the murdered Abbah, who had a second wife aside Fatima, had returned from the mosque, where he was also its chief Imam.

Abbah developed a complication from the poisoned food and was rushed to the State Specialist Hospital, where he eventually died.

Source: NAN

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