We are carrying our uncle’s pregnancies – underage girls confess

Two underage girls have revealed their mother’s younger brother is responsible for their pregnancies. The 14 and 16 years old girls confessed their uncle, who is a married man, would always get them intoxicated with alcohol or drugged them to sleep anytime he wanted to abuse them.

The victims’ mother had entrusted their care to the abuser’s care when she wanted to undergo an emergency surgery.

Upon her return, the mother discovered her younger daughter was pregnant, and she decided to press her to reveal how she came about it. To her shock, the girl narrated the incestuous abuse by the said uncle, Kobina Appiah.

The mother turned to the older daughter, who confirmed her sister’s revelation. She added that Kobina, at times, would take her on a travel just to have sex with her. Since the lid blew off his sexual abuse of the minors, Kobina has been on the run.

The police have launched a manhunt of him. The incident, which took place at the Agona West District of the Central Region of Ghana, attracted support from the regent of Agona Abodom, Nana Owiro.

She assured that the traditional council would do all within its power to have the 34-year-old Kobina arrested.

Source: Ghanaweb

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