Terrorists kill soldiers in Kaduna after fatal train attack

Terrorists acts in Kaduna scaled up on Wednesday, with the alleged killing of seven soldiers.

The killing occured two days after armed men attacked a train, abducted, maimed, and slain some passengers on board.

The PUNCH reported that a security source told it the terrorists mowed the seven soldiers after ambushing them along the Abuja-Kaduna Expressway.

‘It was learnt that the attack happened close to the Zuma barracks along the road in the Suleja area of Niger State in the early hours of Wednesday.’

The aoldiers’ killing reportedly took place close to Zuma barracks at about 4am, said an unnamed commanding officer whose comment was cited for the story.

Despite the gloom, the military said it recorded some success against terrorists by bombing their locations.

The military said “credible information” it received led to its bombing of about 70 terrorists on 40 motorcycles and some moving on foot around the Akilibu-Sarkin Pawa Road, near Mangoro village.

“The terrorists were subsequently engaged in different waves with rockets, while those fleeing were mopped up with canons decisively,” the statement said.









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