Soludo cannot be wrong on Peter Obi – Gov. Sule

Abdullahi Sule, the governor of Nasarawa, says that Anambra state governor Charles Soludo cannot be wrong about his statement on the Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi.

Sule said this during his appearance as a guest on Channels Television’s Politics Today.

“Today, the current governor of Anambra State where Peter Obi was governor is the right person who will tell what has happened during the period of Peter Obi.

“Today, I’m in a better position to tell you what Tanko Al-Makura did compared to what we see on the pages of newspapers, because I have the files and numbers in front of me.

“So, if you go to Anambra, look at what governor of Anambra (is saying). They were in the same party. It’s not that they changed parties. It’s Peter Obi that changed parties but it’s the same All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA).

“So, if you go and see what he is saying today about Peter Obi, you will not buy Peter Obi for 10 kobo.”

Comparing Obi with another presidential candidate Bola Tinubu, Sule said, “Now, do you have the same with Asiwaju (Tinubu) and the governors who came after him in Lagos? Is Lagos better looking today than Anambra? Is the economy of Lagos better today than Anambra? It’s like day and night. There is no comparison,” he said.

TheCornet had reported Soludo as issuing a statement in which he stated that Obi would lose the 2023 presidential election.

“Let’s be clear: Peter Obi knows that he can’t and won’t win,” Soludo had said in the lengthy statement.

He also said, “He (Obi)  knows the game he is playing, and we know too; and he knows that we know.

“The game he is playing is the main reason he didn’t return to APGA. The brutal truth (and some will say, God forbid) is that there are two persons/parties seriously contesting for president: the rest is exciting drama!”

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