Police confirm interest in Tonto Dikeh, estrange lover’s dispute

The top hierarchy of the Nigeria Police Force has confirmed its involvement in the dispute between Nollywood actor Tonto Dikeh and her estranged lover Prince Kpokpogri.

The news of Kpokpogri’s arrest by Deputy Inspector-General of Police Joseph Egbunike had trended on social media, on Tuesday. The trending story had that Dikeh instigated the arrest, a claim Egbunike refuted.

“The matter we are treating is the disturbance of public space, not the other one of their relationship, which another commissioner is treating.

“All those things would be resolved by the commissioner handling the matter”,  said Egbunike, according to ThePunch.

He also reportedly said, “I only met the suspect and complainant for the first time yesterday (Monday); I don’t know where they came from. It has to do with the criminal issue that happened at Transcorp Hilton Hotel. We went there to do a threat analysis that somebody was trying to cause a situation there.

“So, I sent my commissioner to go and bring them only to be surprised to see the two parties. We interviewed them and detained my policemen who were there and could not contain the situation. They are in the cell now. I know by today, everybody must have calmed down and reflected on what they did and what they did not do.”

“The suspect has been released on bail, he is entitled to bail.

“When a matter is subsisting at the police station, there is no need of taking matters into your hands. If the matter has been concluded and you are not satisfied, you make your case. But when you go to a public space and there’s panic, we’ll have no choice but to step in.”

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