Peter Obi, supporters don’t have “monopoly of social media violence” – Soludo

Charles Soludo, the governor of Anambra state, has condemned the mob attack on him by Peter Obi’s supporters, adding “a mob action often reflects the character of its leader”

Suludo stated his angst against the mob attack in a long statement he issued on Monday. According to him, legions of Obi’s supporters unleashed insults on him for saying before the Anambra State house of assembly that Obi’s ballyhooed investment had become worthless.

The governor said that he personally told Obi, during a visit to him, that he would not win. He frowned upon the resort to personal attack by Obi’s supporters, anytime any thing unflattering is said about him.

“He must moderate the desperation as exhibited by his social media mob.

“There is a limit to propaganda. A mob action often reflects the character of its leader. No one has a monopoly of social media violence, and no one should play God. Life won’t end by February/March 2023.,” Soludo said.

“Let me state that this exhibition of desperation, intolerance and attempt to bully everyone who expresses the slightest of dissent is reprehensible.

“This is Hitler in the making. When the revered Arch Bishop Chukwuma stated that in Enugu State, they were not obedient, he was ferociously bullied on social media. Any dissent is tagged a saboteur or, in my case, it could be that I want to contest for president after office or that I am envious of Peter Obi. Soludo envious of Peter Obi? Totally laughable! But this is the same person I was asking to return to APGA in March 2022 and contest for president and yet envious or doesn’t want him to be president.

“This is madness! Seriously speaking, the obdurate attempt to muscle the republican Igbos to maintain the silence of the graveyard is antithetical to everything Igbo. It is not who we are. Insulting other ethnic groups and religions or denigrating others is certainly not the path to Aso Rock.

“If this is not checked, it may indeed endanger the future political and economic interests of the Igbos,” he said.


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