Nigeria in the hands of three key figures, says Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has eventually departed the country for London, where he is expected to undergo a two-weeks medical check-up. In his absence, President Buhari says Vice President Yemi Osinbajo; secretary to the government, Boss Mustapha; and chief of staff Ibrahim Gambari would control the reins of government.

”Well, I cannot claim to be doing the work alone. The government is fully represented – the Vice President is there, constitutionally when I am away he is in charge; and the Secretary to the government and the chief of staff. So, no problem,” said Buhari to journalists requesting a comment.

Buhari has only few times handed control to Vice President Osinbajo, which requires that he transmits a letter to the national assembly. The last time President Buhari handed power properly to Osinbajo before travelling abroad away was in 2018. As acting President, Osinbajo demonstrated capability to the admiration of many Nigerian observers. One of the key actions he took was the sacking of then director-general of the Department of State Service Lawal Musa Daura, after the secret police under his leadership blockaded the national assembly. Osinbajo’s action then was believed to have rattled Buhari’s men.

TheCornet reports that President Buhari has left the country to seek medical treatment in London for more than 15 times since he was first elected in 2015. This is despite criticisms from many Nigerians, who continue to challenge the president to rather equip Nigerian health sector and consequently stop capital flight occasioned by medical tourism.

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