Nigeria frowns upon Russia’s action, says next move

Nigeria has joined its neighbor Ghana to condemn Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine.

TheCornet reports that Ghana’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey on February 24 asked that Russia withdraw its troops from Ukraine.

In a similar gesture, Geoffrey Onyeama, Nigeria’s minister of foreign affairs, said Nigeria condemns the invasion while recognizing the Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

Onyeama, who spoke to Channels television, said “military force is not the solution.”

“We have spoken up about the territorial integrity that we recognise the integrity of Ukraine.

“Nigeria’s position on the resolution is very clear, that we do not condone this military intervention in another country.

He also said that Nigeria would cooperate with the United Nations on sanctions against the Russian federation.

“On imposing (the) sanction, this is going to be a collective action. The United Nations has to act.

“We are going to act and engage within the framework of the United Nations. So if the United Nations adopts and imposes sanctions against Russia, we will comply with UN’s resolution.

Russia is a major trading partner with Nigeria and accounts for a chunk of the country’s wheat import.

There are speculations that the ongoing Russian invasion might lead to increase in the price of wheat in Nigeria.

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