Man ‘imprisoned’ for opposing mother’s love affair with police officer

A policeman has been accused of falsely imprisoning the son of his girlfriend for disapproving his love affair with his mother.

The police officer Danladi Edibo reportedly locked up 22 years old Chukwunonso Ogbukagu for four days, after he stormed on him and his mother.

Ogbukagu said he visited his mother at her apartment in Nimo, Anambra State, and he found Edibo with her.

Ogbukagu said he instantly recognized Edibo, an assistant superintendent, as the same man who caused his mother’s separation from his father.

“Having realised that I knew who he was, he called some policemen, who came with guns and handcuffed and detained me in a toilet in the apartment.

“I stayed there for four days without food or water, and later I realised that I could die if I continued to be there; so, I summoned courage and managed to escape.”

Ogbukagu also urged the state Commissioner of Police to save him from possible harm in the Danladi’s hands.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner of Police has responded to Ogbukagu’s petition forwarded by his father Ikenna Ogbukagu.

On his part, the senior Ogbukagu said, “ASP Danladi Edibo has been harassing me and members of my family. He took away my wife from me and I said I had no problem with that, that he could keep her. He has taken her, rented a house for her in Nimo and I did not protest, yet he has been threatening me.

“The last time he came to my house around 1am with police officers, destroyed my doors and arrested me, saying that I sponsored cultists. There is nothing he has not done to me. I am very afraid for my life now; that is why I petitioned the Commissioner of Police to come to my rescue.”

Haruna Mohammed, spokesman for Anambra Police Command, said the petition is being investigated.

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