Electing me president Nigerians birthday gift to me – Tinubu

President-elect Bola Tinubu has reiterated his campaign promises to Nigerians in a message marking his 71st birthday on Wednesday.

Tinubu, who is out of the country, is visiting France, London, and would perform Umrah in Mecca, according to his publicised itinerary.

In his special birthday message, Tinubu says his election as the country’s president is Nigerians “greatest gift” to me for the occasion.

“With such a privilege already granted to me, I will not go so far as to suggest I am due any birthday presents this year. I have already been given the greatest gift,” he said.

He added, “A chance to lead and fulfill destiny. An opportunity to champion your aspirations and to bring about the Nigeria of your dreams.

“I will, instead, use this day as an opportunity to reiterate my commitment to the great and important task of rebuilding our nation and renewing the hope of the Nigerian people. I campaigned hard and made important promises.

“Those promises were not mere words; professed glibly or cynically to win support. They represent a bond that binds me to the task of creating a better Nigeria for the benefit of every Nigerian, whether you voted for me or not.”

INEC had announced Tinubu the winner of the presidential poll but two of his opponents —Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi —have rejected the vote and called for its cancellation.

Both opponents have equally filed petitions against Tinubu’s victory, with each of them asking to be declared the actual winner.




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