What APC said about Tunde Bakare over presidential race comment  

The All Progressives Congress Presidential Campaign Council has taken a swipe at fiery preacher and politician Tunde Bakare over his comment on the presidential race.

Bakare, on Sunday, condemned the now famous political buzzword, ‘Emi lokan’ (meaning, it’s my turn). He also said any presidential candidate who avoids a debate does not mean well for the country.

The innuendo is apparently a dig by Bakare at the All Progressives Congress presidential candidate Bola Tinubu.

But, Dele Alake, a special adviser on communication for the APC campaign, says Bakare is inconsistent and a paperweight politician.

He said, “This is a man who did a video in his church asking his members to vote for Tinubu, then the next day, he does the opposite. For us, that is not a serious issue.”

Alake added, “With due respect to him, he is a political paperweight, a political neophyte.”

Tinubu had mentioned ‘Emi lokan’ to party delegates in Abeokuta, last year, while he was campaigning for APC presidential ticket.

He eventually floored Bakare and others, including incumbent Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

Prior to the primary election,Bakare had boasted God told him President Muhammadu Buhari would hand over to him.

But his woeful performance during the primaries apparently confirmed he heard wrongly.

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