We‘re disgusted by repeated mass abductions in Nigeria – US

The United States says it is horrified by the frequent mass abductions taking place in Nigeria. Michael Gonzales, deputy assistant secretary at the US Bureau of African Affairs, said this at a press briefing the Bureau held.

He also stated his country’s readiness to help Nigeria tackle the menace. But, Gonzales said the US would be willing to assist Nigeria, only if it ask for its help.

“We are disgusted by this pattern of mass abduction of schoolkids and our condolences go out to the individuals affected and their families,” said Gonzales at the press briefing organised by the bureau.

“This certainly appears by all indications to be a situation from criminal gangs motivated by monetary and economic factors. There is no indication that terrorists, whether Boko Haram or ISIS West Africa, are involved in this.

“The United States is ready to provide appropriate support for the Nigerian government if requested to do so. Longer term, we seek to help develop the capabilities of the Nigerian security services in order for them to adequately respond to the internal threats that the country faces.”

The official, however, added that the US is “encouraged” by President Muhammadu Buhari’s decision to replace the service chiefs as part of efforts to address Nigeria’s security woes.

“We are looking forward to partnering with them to continue to build the capacities of the Nigerian military to be able to better protect and defend their people,” said he.

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