US gives Nigeria $10.6 million to drive covid-19 response

The United States says it is giving Nigeria extra $10.6 million to fund, majorly, the vaccination of its citizens against Covid-19.

The US said the fund is part of the bilateral agreement signed between the two countries in 2021.
The U.S. Agency for International Development, USAID, in a statement, said the fund would boost vaccination efforts as it targets that 600,000 people would receive the jab daily.

The US said the fund would also help the Nigerian government integrate COVID-19 vaccinations into routine immunization and primary health care systems.

Also, the fund is expected to help in the collection of state-level data and analytics, training health workers, and expansion of vaccination access points at the community level.

The fund increases U.S. assistance to Nigeria to $179 million, based on the five-year $2.1 billion Development Objectives Assistance Agreement.

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