Five female students kidnapped

An armed gang has abducted five female students of the College of Health Technology, located in Tsafe, Zamfara State.

Daily Trust reported that a resident had confirmed the abduction to it. The abduction reportedly took place at a private hostel outside the campus.

According to the available information, the off-campus apartment was located at the outskirt of the town.

“There are two apartments accommodating students of the college off campus in that area and when the armed men arrived they didn’t fire a single shot.”

“They broke the door open and went into the students’ room and took five of them. In fact, those in the adjacent apartment didn’t know what was happening until morning because no shot was fired.

“When they took the students, they forced them to trek and as they were going, one of them became exhausted and could not trek any more. They then decided to set her free. One of them took her on a motorbike and brought her to the periphery of the town and asked her to go.

“As they were trekking to the bush they told the students that they would not harass them. They only want ransom to be paid for their release, ” a resident simply identified as Adamu said.

The police command in the state is yet to officially react to the incident.

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