Tunde Bakare fights dirty, hits back at Tinubu

Pastor Tunde Bakare has taken a dig at Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, after the latter’s campaign council called him a ‘paperweight’.

Dele Alake and Femi Fani-Kayode, who are part of the campaign’s media team, had both described the clergyman as “a paperweight” and political “neophyte ” respectively.

In his riposte, Bakare queried why the Tinubu campaign responded to him, if indeed he was politically inconsequential.

“Why are they then giving any thought to what I said? Maybe their alleged ‘paperweight’ is too heavy for them to carry,” the pastor said to his congregation on Sunday.

He added, “Can someone tell these people that scoring zero in a primary election with one’s true identity and credentials intact as well as having original certificates from well-known schools: primary, secondary, colleges, and universities within and outside of this nation is a veritable badge of honor, absolutely legit and unquestionable.

“He said that I did a video asking members of our church to vote for their candidate and then turned around to ask them not to vote for him.

“Unfortunately, there is no such video containing such falsehood.”

TheCornet had reported that Bakare, in his usual state-of-nation broadcast, made innuendos aimed at the All Progressives Congress presidential candidate, Tinubu.

In the address, the pastor-cum-politician censured a phrase, ‘Emi lokan‘ which Tinubu uttered to party delegates while contesting the party’s ticket.

Bakare, in the same speech, equally said  a presidential candidate who avoided a debate was no good to the country.

The comment was an apparent reference to Tinubu, who declined a television debate.


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