South Africa’s Ramaphosa escapes impeachment 

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa Tuesday escaped being impeached. The country’s parliament had voted against the impeachment.

Ramaphosa’s ordeal began after he was discovered to have kept silent on a 2020 break-in in his farm, with the burglars carting away $580,000.

Following the incident, the country’s parliament decided to set up a probe panel. The panel indicted Ramaphosa, accusing him of theft and asked how he acquired the money. Consequently, President Ramaphosa sued the parliament, in the bid to stop his impeachment.

Speaking on the development at the time, Vincent Magwenya, Ramaphosa’s spokesman, said his principal would not step aside nor resign from office due to a “flawed panel report”.

He said Ramaphosa would fight on and seek a second term as leader of his African National Congress party.

On Tuesday, parliamentary proceedings on the matter, the speaker insisted on having an open voting system. The opposition kicked against the move, but the speaker stood her ground.

A vote was taken, with 214 voting against the impeachment while 148 voted for it.



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