South African police officers peddling drugs with patrol vehicles arrested

Five South African police officers have been arrested for peddling using their patrol vehicles. The incident happened in Vereeniging.

News24 reports also said a police officer revealed taxi operators complained frequently about the drug dealers.

“Taxi owners have been complaining at the police station about a Nissan Impendulo with male occupants supplying drugs at the rank”, the officer was quoted as saying.

“A lookout was then launched for the vehicle.

“They thought drug dealers were using different vehicles of the same brand. Operators didn’t know that the suspects were using different number plates on a single vehicle whenever they made deliveries.

“Our colleagues thought they were smart by changing number plates. Today, we were lucky that as we were working at the rank, taxi operators pointed out the vehicles to us,” he said.

An official of the Gauteng police Brigadier Brenda Muridili confirmed the two vehicles belonged to the police.

“The police searched the vehicles and found a container with of Mandrax, crystal meth, dagga and 62 packets of nyaope as well as different registration numbers,” she added.

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