Single mother bewails son’s initiation into cultism in Lagos varsity

A single mother has bemoaned her fate after her son was allegedly initiated into cultism against his will.

“Please, I need help. I am a single mother who sold my freezer and collected a loan when he got the admission,” she said.

The son, who is studying for his national diploma at the now upgraded Lagos State University of Technology (Lagos Polytechnic, Ikorodu campus), said a house caretaker in the neighborhood pointed them out for the initiation.

The said caretaker, identified simply as Ramadan, was in company of a notorious cultist as at when he spotted the undergraduate and his friend.

He was said to have beckoned on them to come and when they heeded to him, handed them over to the known cultist.

The said cultist led them to a house where they met numerous other cultists and their leader, who was seated in a room.

“Upon getting to the house, about 15 suspected cultists were at the front of the house. But as we entered, we saw six other people, including an older man, who appeared to be like their leader. A boy was also laying facedown”, the undergraduate said.

“They started beating and slapping us. As they ordered us to kneel, we became very scared. Later on, the older man forcefully gave us something to eat and after we ate it, he told us to recite an incantation after him. He then poured alcohol into his mouth and spat in our eyes; there was no one to help us.

“They later told us to open our eyes and when we opened them and no longer felt the pain of the alcohol, they started saying we were now Eiye cultists. They took us outside and the other members of the cult that we saw while coming inside started saying we were now protected.

“They said we should no longer be afraid and that if anyone did anything to us, we should let them know.

“The caretaker later met us there. We were also warned against telling anybody what happened.

“When we got to the hostel, we told our parents and we were instructed to leave the area immediately. We packed some clothes and went home.”

Meanwhile, the caretaker had denied leading the boys into cultism, after the mother contacted him.

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