Russia to observe ceasefire in two Ukrainian cities – report

Russian state news agencies report the Russian military will observe a ceasefire in two areas of Ukraine starting Saturday to allow civilians to evacuate.

The Russian Defense Ministry says in a statement carried by the RIA Novosti and Tass agencies it has agreed on evacuation routes with Ukrainian forces to allow civilians to leave the strategic port of Mariupol in the southeast and the eastern town of Volnovakha.

There is no immediate confirmation from Ukrainian forces, and it is not immediately clear how long the evacuation routes would remain open.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has persisted as both parties have held rounds of talks, held at the Belarusian border.

Ukraine has accused Russia of war crimes in the ongoing conflict.

The country’s request for military help from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO, was turned down as the body ways it is not seeking war with Russia.



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