Randy dogs placed on contraceptives to prevent pregnancy

A couple has placed their two randy dogs on contraceptives. They decided to take the action after they found out that the female dog was pregnant, despite the barriers they had put to prevent such from happening.

Mirror is reporting that the dog owners–Bex Kane and Martin Clarke–became worried when their French bulldog, called Lilo, went off her food and started being sick. A medical check up would later show she was pregnant. What stunned the couple the more was the fact that Lilo had been wearing protective season pants since they discovered she was in heat. But Lilo’s male companion, Stitch, still found had his way and had out her in family way.

The couple accepted their fate and went on to organise a pregnancy photoshoot for Lilo, alongside the expectant father, Stitch.

Lilo finally gave birth to a litter of six puppies via caesarean on March 20 – welcoming three girls and three boys.

Martin said, “When we found out she was pregnant we were a bit worried it wasn’t the time we’d planned for any puppies.

“Then we were trying to make sure we had everything right in the house so we could look after them.

“We were only expecting two or three puppies, we weren’t expecting six. It’s easier to have a child than puppies.

“We aren’t getting a full night’s sleep. We take shifts through the night as we’ve got to stay and watch them.”

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