Man slices off own penis after consuming hard drugs

A man has sliced off a chunk of his manhood, after consuming drugs.

According to Daily Mail, the 23-year-old, unnamed man consumed a banned drug, known as Zol psychotic.

Those privy to the incident said the man had quit taking the substance three months earlier. But, he returned to it on the day of the incident.

The report said the man developed an erection shortly after taking the drug

“In an attempt to eradicate the problem, the man decided to use a pair of scissors to trim the skin of his penis before amputating it completely, leaving a 2cm stump and 5cm laceration in his scrotum,” the report stated.

Medics reportedly tried to reattach the lacerated part of the manhood, but were unsuccessful.

“It was found to be too fragile and contaminated with ants. The amputated distal part of the penis had dorsal veins,” said Dr. Theerapon Tangsuwanaruk.

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