Police, victim disagree over abduction of five-month-old baby

A victim and the police in Abuja, Nigeria’s federal capital, have disagreed over the alleged kidnap of a five-month-old baby.

Josephine Francis, a mother, claimed kidnappers broke into their house and whisked the family away on Friday night.

According to the nursing mother, the armed kidnappers jumped over the perimeter fence of their house to gain entrance into their apartment

“They first went to the first flat where my younger sister was sleeping and destroyed the door, but luckily they couldn’t see her where she was hiding.

“They now came to the main flat where my husband and I were and took us away,” she said.

She said the kidnappers released her after making her trek for some few meters, but held on to her husband.

Some residents of Abaji metropolis, in Abuja, where the incident happened reportedly confirmed it.

However, the police denied the abduction took place.

Josephine Adeh, police spokesperson for the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) command told a newspaper the report was untrue.

”There is no such incident within the FCT,” she was reported to have said.



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