Mother bludgeons newborn baby to death

A mother from hell has bludgeoned her newborn baby to death. The 34-year-old mother reportedly hit the infant with a cooking stick till she breathed her last.

She had delivered the baby all by herself in the kitchen of their home. Hearing the baby cry, the mother reached for the cooking stick and hit the infant repeatedly until she was dead.

Unknown to her, two minors staying with them saw the grisly murder and told the killer mother so. She threatened to kill them if they told anyone of the incident.

The incident was kept a secret until eight months later when an anonymous neighbor blew the whistle on the killer mother.

The police were informed and the said woman was arrested.

The police identified the woman as Sudan Manikayi. The incident happened in Zimbabwe.

According to the police, Sudan “mercilessly and heartlessly struck her newborn baby to death with a cooking stick.” She is currently assisting with investigation into the murder, the police added.




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