Man fathers 7 children by own sister, 17 by his two daughters

An incestuous clan has done the unthinkable as blood siblings incredibly foster inbreeding.

According to Daily Mail, Tim Colt had married his own sister, June, who bore him seven children.

Colt subsequently slept with two of his daughters whom his sister had borne for him. The older of them bore Colt five children and the younger, 12 children.  The Australian family were always moving from one farm to another to evade public attention.

Colt later died, but his children carried on with the inbreeding.

Tim Colt and some members of his family

The atrocity of incestuous clan blew open when Colt’s son, Frank and his brother got their sister pregnant without knowing who between them is responsible.

The matter got to the police and Frank was arrested for raping his sister.

Before his arrest, the sister had reported to the police that she was living in a cult where “all my aunts, uncles and cousins have been sleeping together.”

She also said that she had never been to school and was physically abused by members of her family

The matter went on to trial and Frank was sentenced last week for rape.

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