LASTMA officials’ bloody attack leaves driver in dire condition

A commercial bus driver, Jamiu Alao, alleges some officials of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) conspired with some thugs to assault him at the Brewery area of the metropolis.

According to FIJ, Alao’s vehicle had broken down while some street urchins were assisting to get it off the road when the officials and their thugs suddenly appeared.

The LASTMA officials reportedly came in a towing vehicle and insisted on taking the faulty bus away.

“One of the area boys (working with the LASTMA officials) stood aloof while two were armed with bottles as they positioned themselves. Before I could say Jack, one of the officers jumped into the bus and instructed the driver of the tow vehicle to step into action, but I disallowed them from towing the bus,” Also said.

He added one of the roughnecks threatened he would regret his action if he persisted in resisting them.

“Not quite long, he hit the bottle on my head and his colleague broke another bottle and stabbed me several times until blood was gushing out. My conductor who could have been of assistance was scared away from the scene.

“The conductor of another bus, Samson, sighted me from afar and rushed to the scene to find out what was happening but they stabbed him and he is currently under medical treatment.

“On noticing the gravity of what they had done, the officials ran away from the scene, but sympathisers rallied round and we reported the incident at the Iponri police station, where the policemen advised me to go and treat myself first.

“I can neither go to work nor foot my medical bills due to paucity of funds. I am yet to regain my health.

“Samson is yet to regain his health too and we are left to our fate.”

LASTMA’s spokesperson, Olumide Filade, is said to have ignored request for comment.

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