Gbenga Daniel says Tinubu ‘bold’ to end petrol subsidy

Senator-elect Gbenga Daniel has hailed President Bola Tinubu for ending subsidy payment on petrol. Although Tinubu had said his predecessor, Muhammadu Buhari, took the decision and not his newly inaugurated administration.

Speaking on Arise TV, Daniel said, “Subsidy can no longer justify its ever-increasing costs in the wake of drying resources.”

He added, “We shall instead re-channel the funds into better investment in public infrastructure, education, health care and jobs that will materially improve the lives of millions.

“The thing I want our people to appreciate is that everybody has come to appreciate that the subsidy was not sustainable. But nobody was bold enough. And even the outgoing president said it would go after he had left,” the senator-elect said.

“And somebody has come and said, let us stop deceiving ourselves. Another thing I have noticed, and many people have not spoken about, is that the biggest problem with the subsidy is that we are not just subsidising Nigerians but West Africa.

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“And I do not see how that is sustainable anyway. And if there is no way of ensuring it stays within the shores of Nigeria then, which is also part of the problem of smuggling, then clearly, we cannot continue to subsidise the entire West African sub-region. We do not have such capacity.”

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