FG keeps mum over Sunday Igboho’s release

The Federal Government, which, earlier, accused Sunday Igboho, the Yoruba nation agitator of having links to terrorism financiers, has kept mum since his release from detention in the Republic of Benin on Monday.

Abubakar Malami, the attorney-general of the federation, had, in last October, alleged a cash transfer took place between Igboho and some suspected terrorism financiers that were under investigation.

“Investigation reveals that Adesun International Concept Ltd (belonging to Igboho) transferred the sum of N12,750,000 to Abbal Bako & Sons,” the AGF said. “It might be recalled that Abbal Bako & Sons and its promoter, Abdullahi Umar Usman, are suspects in the ongoing joint terrorist financing investigation.

“Abdullahi Umar Usman is by way of financial transaction connected to Surajo Abubakar Muhammad (who was sentenced to life imprisonment in UAE on charges of financing terrorism [Boko Haram]).

“This report shows the nexus between separatists’ agitation, terrorism financing, and disruptions of peace in the country.”

The company, according to Malami, also has Oladele Oyetunji and Aderopo Adeyemo as directors, and is linked to 43 bank accounts in nine banks” said Malami, adding that an unnamed federal lawmaker was also one of Igboho’s financiers.

Meanwhile, Igboho’s lawyer Yomi Aliyyu (SAN), has said he would remain in Benin Republic despite his release.

Aliyu said Igboho was released to “his medical practitioners under the agreement that he should not leave the medical centre or Cotonou for any reason.”

“Praises should be given to two prominent Yoruba personalities to wit; Prof Wole Soyinka and Prof (Banji) Akintoye, for this turnaround in our client’s matter.”


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