Doctor derives pleasure from seeing roommates consume his semen

A doctor has landed in soup, after his disgusting act of ejaculating onto his roommates’ meals and seeing them consume it became public.

The suspect is a resident doctor at a university hospital in Semarang, Central Java, in Indonesia.

According to the Indonesian police, the suspect confessed to mixing his semen into the meals of his roommates –a colleague and his wife, for them to consume on three different occasions.

“The suspect confessed to getting satisfaction when other people enjoyed consuming his sperm,” said Central Java Police spokesman Iqbal Alqudusy.

The female victim said she first became suspicious that her and her husband’s food had been tampered with when she noticed that their food cover often shifted whenever they were not around.

The victim then set up hidden cameras in the house, and acquired video footage of DP peeping at her while in the shower before masturbating and ejaculating onto her and her husband’s meals.

The weird doctor has been charged with indecency, which carries a maximum punishment of two years and eight months in prison.

“The suspect has been charged and he is now being evaluated by a psychiatrist,” Iqbal said.


Credit: Jakarta Times

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