Al-Mukura says no slowing down on campaign for APC chairmanship


Senator Tanko Al-Makura, a former governor of Nasarawa State, has said he is not slowing down on his campaign to become the APC national chairman. The Cornet reported that the ruling party had fixed its national convention for March 26 and also about President Muhammadu Buhari’s anointed aspirant, Senator Abdullahi Adamu.

However, Al-Makura says he would not step down for Adamu because he does not believe the President Buhari had actually anointed any aspirant.

“I know what Mr. President stands for, he always stands for what is right and due process.

“And, unless I have an authoritative source of information that is clear, I still have my doubts.

“I have many avenues through which I can reach Mr. President and people around him.

“And since those speculation did not come through those avenues, I consider them as a speculation.

“That is why as I speak with you, my campaign is going with a different tempo, to ensure that my campaign is going far and wide to await the next line of action as directed by the party leadership,” Al-Mukura said.

Al-Mukura adds that he has a clean track records and nothing about his past could set his aspiration back.

“I discharged my responsibility as governor, to the best of my ability, and as I speak, there’s no single petition against me, or any case that has to do with my propriety or otherwise.”



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