40 Die in US floods

Death toll from floods and tornadoes in the US rose past 40 on Thursday. The deaths and destruction were huge in areas such as New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Maryland.

Ida struck US state of Louisiana last Sunday, causing a power cut in New Orleans and scores of deaths in Mississippi, said Guardian.UK

Residents of the affected areas were reportedly forewarned about imminent “significant and life-threatening flash flooding” and major river flooding in the mid-Atlantic and New England.

On Thursday, New Jersey Phil Murphy said at least 23 New Jerseyans have lost their life to this storm.

“The majority of these deaths were individuals who got caught in their vehicles by flooding and were overtaken by the water. Our prayers are with their family members,” he said.

Also, New York records at least 13 deaths, one in a car and 11 in flooded basement apartments. Three bodies were also found in Westchester county, a northern suburb of New York.

In the midst of the deaths and damage, US President Joe Biden, on Thursday, urged citizens to “be better prepared; “We need to act.”

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