Twitter roasts Dino Melaye over governorship ambition

Ex-senator Dino Melaye’s indication on Twitter that he would contest Kogi governorship election has met rejection from many tweeps. Melaye, who is famous for slapstick displays on social media, posted his photograph on Twitter and adding a kicker that reads, “…Lets rescue Kogi State. I am ready to take the lead.” But, instead of support, ridicule trailed Melaye’s post.

A tweep, @Chiugo411078911 said, “I don’t see the qualities in you. I am not a fan of Tinubu but watching you campaign for Atiku using Tinubu’s health issue to do so was a no for me.” Another, @IhekeChuks posted: “Let’s rescue kogi state but you are there living your best life without working, riding luxury cars …”.

From @AgbogunleriS to Melaye: “You need to rescue yourself first. Kogites need someone with good character.” Equally, @OwolabiYavis said, “Your agbero part will fit perfectly for a skit with brother shaggi… Until then keep serving the president of Dubai in various capacities.”

Also, @IsholaAyorinde tweeted: “If we release Yahaya (Bello) for you, I doubt if you will be able to rescue yourself talkless of kogi people. Better stick to your daily modeling, because if yahaya begin to pursue you and you started climbing trees, nobody will rescue you oo.”

But it was not all condemnation of Melaye. A man tweeting under the handle @agwu_mr49780 said, “Man of the people, carry on baba. God will continue to give you strength and protection to speak and defend the poor citizens of this country.

Equally, @__dollarxchange tweeted: “The whole league of political heavyweights across Nigeria who have ever made their names written in the political history of this nation should stand for this illustrious son of Kogi who have stood for others all his political life. He has taken the bullets for too many. Sai Dino.”

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